Car Insurance that Fits Your Lifestyle

Cookie-cutter coverage does not work in the increasingly complex world of automobile insurance. We analyze all you needs and circumstances to determine the specific coverage that works best for you and your family.

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Protecting your home … and your family

Homes come in all shapes, sizes and configurations, as do families. We get to know your needs and desires and tailor a home insurance policy that provides comprehensive protection, financial security, and peace of mind.

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Securing Your Farm and Your Livelihood

There are extraordinary financial risks as well as complex technical and financial that impact on the success of a modern agricultural operation. We understand those risks and challenges and work with you to provide insurance for your property, implements, livestock and crops.

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Protecting Your Dream

It’s not just your job: it’s your livelihood and your passion. Let us craft an insurance plan that gives you the protection you need, at a cost you can manage, so you can focus on growth and expansion of your business.

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About Us

Since 1928, Burr Insurance has built and maintained solid, vibrant working relationships with successful and long-serving insurance companies in Ontario.

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Auto Insurance

No two lives are the same, meaning no two car insurance plans should be the same. Burr Insurance helps you get exactly the coverage you need.

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Home Insurance

Your home is the centre of your family life, which is why we provide a host of home, property and tenant insurance coverage options

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Farm Insurance

Burr Insurance understands the unique challenges facing today’s farmers working to secure their future; our coverage plans are just as unique.

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Burr Insurance works closely with both entrepreneurs and corporate clients to ensure we can build a coverage plan that hits the ‘sweet spot’.

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Contact us today for coverage that works for you. Burr Insurance will make sure you have exactly the right amount; no more, no less.

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A Legacy of Service Excellence

It’s about relationships. Since 1928, Burr Insurance has built and maintained solid, vibrant working relationships with some of the most successful and long-serving insurance companies in Ontario. This means our customers get a consistency of service excellence that is the best in the region. Our excellent service and quality insurance products have meant we retain our clients at a higher rate than many corporate-style firms, which reinforces our superior reputation with the insurance companies.

At the same time, we have also created deep, lasting personal bonds with thousands of individuals and families throughout southeastern Ontario. Our staff keeps detailed records of all communications allowing us to have all your information at our fingertips to serve you better at all times.

We know the insurance industry and utilize up-to-date technology, but we still believe in the importance of face-to-face friendliness, being accessible and accountable to our clients, and taking the time to make sure we’re offering you the coverage and the service you really need. We are constantly looking for special rates and discounts in order to give you the best possible deal. At the same time our office keeps up to date on the leading edge of all trends within the industry.

Our customers trust us and the insurance companies value our business, making for an unbeatable combination.

Truly Personalized Service

For us, insurance is a very rewarding, challenging and interesting business. Burr Insurance has built a reputation for service excellence and complete customer satisfaction one individual, one family, one farm and one business at a time. We take the time to sit down with you, one on one, to develop the most comprehensive, cost-effective and personalized insurance plan for your home, auto, farm or business.

Every new client receives an itemized list of all coverage being requested. We are involved with you every step of the way. We combine the best of old-school personal service, an unrivaled knowledge of the region, with leading edge insight into the ever-changing and increasingly complex industry to give you the ultimate insurance-buying experience.

Burr Insurance enjoys partnering with people like you who work hard, are responsible and appreciate the values of safety and security. Our clients are looking for the peace of mind that comes with knowing their homes, vehicles, valuables, businesses and farms are protected.

And for nearly 90 years, we have provided that sense of comfort and security.

The Sweet Spot

The ‘sweet spot’ is the perfect amount of coverage for you, your family or your business. It’s our goal and company policy to never undersell or oversell our clients. That’s why we take as much time as necessary to assess exactly what sorts of policies and coverage you need before seeking out the best companies to fulfill these needs. Cheaper is usually not better, and neither is spending money on coverage you don’t need.

The adage ‘sweet spot’ comes from the sports world.  It refers to the part of a baseball bat that seems to add an extra jolt of power without any more effort when hitting the ball and launching it out of the park. For golfers it’s the part of the club-face that also sees the ball being blasted farther and more accurately. Batters and golfers know when they have hit the sweet spot because their swing is effortless and the result is truly awesome – just like having the perfect insurance coverage!