Securing your farm and your livelihood

There are extraordinary financial risks as well as complex technical and financial factors that impact on the success of a modern agricultural operation. We understand those risks and challenges and work with you to provide insurance for your property, implements, livestock and crops.

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Agriculture is the backbone of our region’s economy and has been for generations. Burr Insurance understands the unique challenges facing today’s generation of hard-working, innovative and resourceful farmers, who seek to secure the long-term future of their farms and their livelihoods.

For more than 85 years, Burr Insurance has helped local farm families protect their investment as they adapted to modern technology and farming techniques in acquiring the latest, most advanced equipment, as well as helping them ensure the viability of their various livestock and crops.

We make sure your already stretched resources are used efficiently and effectively to meet the specific needs of your farm operation. Again, seeking that ‘sweet spot,’ we are not in the business of providing cookie-cutter solutions. We help you analyze your operation and devise an insurance coverage plan that best suits your unique needs. We never push you to buy products that are of only marginal value to you.

Our goal is to help your farming business thrive, grow, adapt and continue for generations to come.

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