Protecting Your Home … and Your Family

Homes come in all shapes, sizes and configurations, as do families. We get to know your needs and desires and tailor a home insurance policy that provides comprehensive protection, financial security, and peace of mind.

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Home Insurance

Your home is not only your most expensive personal possession; it is the centre of your family life, the place where a lifetime of memories are made. It provides safety, security, emotional stability and the place where you keep your most valued possessions and heirlooms. Burr Insurance understands that the modern home features much more sophisticated building materials, appliances, electronics, wiring and special features. And we also know that home insurance policies are just as complex, which is why we provide a host of home, property and tenant insurance coverage options. As with our Auto, Recreation, Farm and Commercial insurance services, we spend as much time as is necessary –one on one – to learn about your unique home insurance requirements. We help you determine what your home insurance ‘sweet spot’ is, and guide you towards the most appropriate coverage – one that meets your needs and makes you feel safe, secure and settled.

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